Find all of our Podcast episodes below.

  • Episode 5

    In Matt and Jack’s absence, Taylor seizes the opportunity to talk at length about his homebrew setting and the process of worldbuilding. Chris has many questions, largely about dragon kings, and all are answered with varying degrees of honesty.

  • Episode 4

    Between the weekly catch ups on Jack and Matt’s games, the crew discuss multiclassing and the appeal of other roleplaying systems besides just DnD, Chris’s area of expertise it turns out. Jack has made some poor character decisions, Matt’s despairs of his players lack of proper planning and Taylor hasn’t run a game since last show but no one ever bothers to tell the audience that.

  • Episode 3

    In this episode of the podcast the team chat feats, magic items and other miscellany around character progression. Jack’s back at it killing players, neither Matt’s nor Taylor’s NPCs are fairing much better and Chris let’s us all in on his obsession with random madness.

  • Episode 2

    As we catch up with our intrepid DMs and their various games: we find out how many giants are just the right number from Jack, the best way to reduce your players into gibbering crybabys from Taylor and more very necessary minutiae from Matt. Chris tries very hard to get us all to have a conversation about Racial Feats and manages it after only 2 lengthy tangents.

  • Episode 1

    The first episode of the Total Party Podkast is here!

    In our first episode, we get to the know the crew and get caught up on where their games are at right now. Dark secrets revealed in this episode include: Jack’s taste for cold blooded character murder, Taylor’s inability to keep a party together and Matt’s deep, deep, deep love of lore. All kept on track by our intrepid host Chris Craven.