Hey guy! So today, I want to talk to you all about character goals.

Character goals are just anything that your character wants to achieve. It might be getting some plate armour, or tracking down some magic item or other. It might even just be trying to get the killing blow on the next dungeon boss. I personally tend towards huge, campaign spanning and perhaps unachievable goals. My dragonborn barbarian, a zealot of the god-dragon Bahamut, wants to ascend to becoming an actual dragon to further glorify his god. Another of my characters, Skree, is a wizard who serves an ancient black dragon and wants said dragon to ascend to divinity and to act as his prophet. If you’ve not listened to any of our podcasts yet, all of my characters seem to always want to worship dragons as gods and will make deals with almost any entity who’ll give them the time of day, it’s a sickness really.

Whatever the scope of your character’s goals, whether they be campaign spanning and world shaking or just a new pair of boots, they absolutely need to have. Real people have aims and ambitions and your characters will never be real if they don’t have any of their own. Trying to see the world through the eyes of your character is also a lot easier when you can focus in on what they want.

Not only does having goals help immersion and bring your character to life, it can lead you into some hilarious situations. What possible reason could you have for breaking into the mayor’s mansion at night rather than just sleeping safe in the inn? How about if your party wants to oust the mayor and set themselves up as rulers of the town and eventually the region? Now there’s a reason, to look for anything incriminating. It’s all very well doing the noble thing and following the big quests etc, but sometimes, you’ve got to look out for number one and what you want. And that’s where a good 50% of the best times I’ve had roleplaying have come from, someone trying to get a thing/do something that their characters wants.
Chris (find out more about me here!)

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