Hi all, so this post is more about the mechanics of playing as part of a Role Playing Game, not just DnD though, any RPG.

So I’m going to start off with a bit of a story. Recently our group, in a game of Pathfinder, went into a dungeon. It was a disaster, total and unmitigated. Our orc barbarian was nearly melted by mushrooms, I personally as our wizard was useless and we all nearly died. We managed to escape with our skins (not all of them, just most) barely intact after making it maybe halfway through. We regrouped, we went in again and we smashed it, despite an increase in difficulty. And do you know why? Because myself and the orc accepted our roles.

The orc barbarian in the first one had thundered ahead and taken on monsters meant for the entire group and had paid the price. I as the wizard was trying to keep up with the damage dealers without having the necessary spells or power to do so. I was trying to do the wrong thing, because what I absolutely WAS able to do, was support the rest. So the next time round I loaded up on Mage Armour spells and spells to buff my party. Suddenly nothing was hitting us. Not only that, but the orc had now realised that his role was to stand at the front of the party rather than go off on his own. We were working as a unit.

Accepting your role, in any system, is the key to doing well. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do something else as well, I’m not one of our damage dealers but I’ll still let off a fireball when I feel like it. What it does mean is that you have to at least do the thing you’re best at some of the time, in my case, buffing the others.

I’m not saying that fulfilling your role is what you should do though. I’m saying that it’s the way to be the most effective. Ultimately do what you find fun. If you have fun by being effective as a party and maximising what you can do, fulfil your roles. If you have fun by doing crazy things and using classes and characters in weird and interesting ways despite how well they work, then do that instead.


Chris (find out more about me here!)

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