So today I’m going to have a short discussion about different types of game and the different types of players that enjoy them. And the entire difference between these two types comes down to one question…

Do you enjoy town?

By “town”, I don’t mean towns themselves where plot or relevant things may be happening, I mean the act of stopping at a town for shopping/the sake of doing it/random stuff. Some players loathe it. Some love it. I’m one of the probably quite sad individuals that love it. I’d happily have a ledger of all my gold, every small item and knickknack that I’ll need in the wilderness down to spare bowstrings and an extra bowstring if it gets cold. Some players don’t give a crap and as long as they have armour and weapons they’ll dungeon till they drop.

I’ll give you another example of how this manifests in the thoughts of different players. While playing Storm King’s Thunder our group repelled a giant attack. A couple of players suggested that as we were now heroes of the people we could try and attempt a coup, take over the town, become lords etc. They then idly speculated on how they might kill the current leader. I took a different tack. I started trying to work out how many guards there were, how we could train them to repel further giant attacks and cement our rule. Before long I was working out how many farmers we could bring off the fields to become soldiers if we introduced crop rotations… I think if I’d managed to push the course of the session to seriously considering any of these matters that the rest of the group might have killed me or themselves.

So why am I rambling. Basically, it comes down to this, to town or not to town. Now every DM will handle it differently but I think if players who hate minutia are forced to endure it they’ll not have a fun time. So my suggestion would be the following. Do both. When you get to town, call a quick break, breaks can be good anyway. Anyone who hates “town” can go have a walk around and just give a list of things they want to buy and mark the gold off their sheets. Those players like myself who like “town” can sit down with the DM, open up their spreadsheets and work out exactly which brand of walking boot would be best for kicking a beholder in the nads.

So yeah, do what works for your different players. Or, you know, make them learn to love bookkeeping 😉

Chris (find out more about me here!)

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