So I want to start this post with a story I once heard from the internet about someone’s DnD game.

The party, a group of quite lowlevel adventurers set off to a dungeon, to steal a princess or rescue some treasure or something, it’s not that important why. When they arrived in the dungeon they were confronted quite early on with a huge, thick adamantium door. It was meant to get them to solve some puzzle or other as they had absolutely nothing they could do to damage the door at that level. What they did have was several bottles of dwarven rock polish which they promptly used to melt the door off of its hinges, circumventing the puzzle.

The DM let this slide, it was a clever solution, they should be rewarded for it. However, it then occurred to the enterprising group of adventurers that the door itself was probably worth far more than anything in the dungeon so they took it back to town, had armour made out of it, made weapons out of it, sold some etc.

I love that story because it shows just how creative players can be sometimes. They look at a world and they work out how to try and break it so they can use the pieces to build themselves massive golden castles, and that is brilliant. Some of the most creative solutions to any problems are ones I’ve heard while roleplaying. As an author, this group creativity is an invaluable tool and I highly recommend anyone who wants to write something with a creative twist, or who has a problem in their book that they don’t know how to solve, to throw it at a group of players. They’ll probably come up with something that makes for a great story point.

It’s also just good as a DM sometimes because not only do you get something really interesting in your world, it’s something the players made happen so they feel more invested. Take the story above. The DM could have retconned it, said it was too heavy to move, said it was only a very thin adamantium coating etc. OR he could say, sure, you guys earned this and then explore the consequences with them. Maybe they start getting plagued by thieves trying to steal their amazing armour and new wealth. Maybe a merchant lord hears of it and thinks they’ve found a deposit of the metal and tries to kidnap them to get information on its whereabouts. The possibilities are endless.

So yeah, your players are full of ideas, feel free to shake them out and use them!

Chris (find out more about me here!)

p.s. Like the sound of using the rules of a world to your advantage? You might enjoy this…

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